Saturday, July 14, 2012

time to make room on the wall

little bits' baby brother is soon to be arriving in our family, and there has been a bit of talk of making room!
we have a little wall at the top of the stairs filled with things that are special to our family. our hand silk screened wedding invitations, our engagement picture, little bits birth announcement and golden handprint, some lovely art prints the mister has gotten me over the years...but where oh were is room for one more?
that is the question with a growing family.
of course we have room in our hearts and hearth, but we need to actually make some physical room!
our house isn't as small as our old house, but we do have our waldorf inspired pre-school here so space is sometimes at a premium.
needless to say i haven't the chance to "ready the nursery" which i have always felt is such an important of getting ready for baby- mentally and physically.
so this weekend is our make room for baby time.
he will have a small spot in our room and likely sleep with us for a long time, but he will also be sharing a room with big sister!
little bits has been busy cataloging her favorite treasures and we will be putting a high up shelf for her to keep them on.

so, little baby boy- we will be ready for you!
i promise.

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songsofflight said...

i love your wall space! baby bits will find room! and little bits must be feeling pretty special