Wednesday, May 30, 2012

looking forward to "the lake"

here in maine, we have a spot.
a spot we call our own. i've been going there since i was about 8 and the mister and i have spent many a day there lounging by it's cool clear waters. before we had a wee babe-- when we first got our greyhound we snuck her in to enjoy the view and cool off! the past 2 summers have been full of picnic day trips there with the little one and as the weather warms i am so glad to be returning to the lake. this time, this pregnant-in-summer mama will be oh so glad to dip her toes in! swanlake--here we come!

little bits gets a side~kick

for all the baby chick blogging and otherwise, i think i actually we are having another baby! little bits will be a big sister in august!
on sunday s & s threw me a lovely and ladylike baby shower, complete with punch bowl, baby games and tiny woolen booties. i'll post more photos over the weekend, as it truly was a beautiful day! the felt book above was s's idea and she calls it a "quiet book" i love that name and i love what all the ladies made! each friend was given a page to work on with the theme of *baby and mama*, it was delightful to see what each crafty mama turned out for our baby boy! steph will be doing a bit of finishing work on it, so i'll post more photos of it when it is all done up! thanks again my ladies for planning and throwing me a lovely afternoon!

Monday, May 28, 2012

still loving our baby chicks!

little bits is so proud! yesterday she showed the chicks to some of her favorite friends. she was so happy to show them how she and papa feed and water the chicks and let them out. the baby chicks go all around with their mama now, eating bugs and scratching their feet! so so sweet!

award winning

steph and i have been trying to come
up with some party favors to go with our crowns. there was a sneak peek of these before and they are finally available in the shop! we love these wee little award ribbons and think the kiddos will too!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

crowns fit for a king {or a prince and a princess}

here is a sneak peek of this weeks update in the shop
look for more listings everyday! we already sold three this morning--so happy! steph and i have been working away on these and are so glad to finally be able to show you all!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

secret ribbons}

our imported ribbons have finally arrive, stay tuned for some new lovelies hitting the shop this week!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

back to the land (of blogging)

it has been a long time friends, and i have missed you. but the thing is my life had gotten so busy since january that it seemed some things needed to take a back seat for a while...and while we expanded our dear little school, morning glory garden and while mosey gets a shop update (more on that later this week) and while i grow a baby, a virgo baby, well the blog just sat for a while. but now that the last of the mitten weather is truly gone in new england, now that the daffodils are here, now that we have baby chicks waiting to hatch...all seems right with the world. spring has come to maine and to my heart and mind and i am able to have a bit more time for myself (and you!) i'm so glad to be sharing in this space again and look forward to all the new adventures ahead. many thanks for coming by and see you tomorrow!