Wednesday, March 31, 2010

speaking of wholefoods...

we just started taking em to sunday brunch ... jazz brunch that is. every sunday 9:30 to 1:30. alex used to be a jazz nerd and he had a pretty good time. i recognized a few tunes and em swayed to almost everything! the girl has pretty good taste!
one funny thing that got em going were the ketchup packets. yup- i looked over and she was giving them "huggies" and swaying side to side. i thought i rather odd...i mean she does love her babies and blankies and even a favorite book or two but to-go ketchup?
finally figued it out--those ketchups had smiles! perfect for loving up on!

newly thrifted

in exploring the new neighborhood i discovered a great goodwill! hooray! and today was the perfect rainy day for some much needed rummaging.
some fave finds included the vintage chitter chatter phone which they actually remade recently and a good ole' wooden tool box.
we also found the exact owl em has been coveting every time we are at whole foods for only 99 cents! i was so tempted last time i was there to get it for her--(it's head turns 360 degrees!) but we walked away with a teensy field mouse instead...hooray we have them BOTH now!
at our old goodwill in belfast we found a folkmanis hedgie puppet that we loved! so the good luck continues! more bunny photos to follow~ cos that girl's got a good story!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

grandpa's eggs.

for one : it's almost easter
for two: it's finally spring (even tho' we have had rain and snow this week)
for three: we are on the verge of getting our chicken brood..finally!
for last and most importantly they belonged to my grandfather about 25 years ago.
these eggs have a special spot in my heart.
my mom brought them on the airplane with her by special request for em's first easter.
when i was a kid my grandfather kept chickens, quail and ornamental pheasant..and even one really wacky polish crested chicken (pierre). as kids we loved going to the bird fairs with him and picking out what kind of eggs we wanted to take home and keep in the incubator until each tiny chick hatched. in my opinion this act of raising the chicks from eggs was made even more fantastic by the fact that my grandparents didn't live on a farm. or in the midwest. or way out in the willies. they lived in the bay area. mowed lawns and sprinkler sets, pools and hot tubs.
but for gramps it was a homemade avairy and a garage full of nesting boxes.

a cozy day!

since my mom arrived a week ago we've had snow. rain and more rain. poor mom- she's a california girl. but i love the weepy days...chilled and damp in the morning cool and crisp at night. all the more reason to snuggle up with my little one under all of our favorite quilts!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

birthday crown!

had this great old piece of wool, handmade from one of my waldorf was pretty thick and heavy duty and the perfect weight for a birthday crown!
1) lay felt flat and trace a simple crown shape (regular chalk OR fabric chalk work best and both are easily rubbed away)
2) trace lettering onto light wool or craft felt
3) cut out letters and crown and pin letters just where you want them
4) sew or glue letters in place
5) i added a few hearts and stars, a great way to customize yours esp. for your little one
6) cut a button hole and sew button carefully..make double and triple sure your button is sewn on securly since it will be in your little one's hands or dress up bin in no time!
{a flickr set ~ here}

our little bits turns one!

like many new mothers this year has been the longest AND Shortest year of my life! and in the process my heart (and ability to multi-task) have grown tenfold.
spring has sprung and as i said before i've been a little out of the crafting world for a bit.
emma's birthday was the perfect 'welcome back'.
planning her party, sewing, baking, invites, foodies! all fun was had!
the theme of woodland/ladybug suited her perfect! and all guests were encouraged to wear a bit of red in honor of the birthday girl!
more photos here.

hooray for a fresh start!

weather you found your way here from moseyhandmade or you just stumbled upon us:
pull up a cozy chair and a bit of tea and take a minute to look around!
here at bits and bobbin we are starting fresh. although i loved my old blog moseyhandmade it was time for something new. the past year i have been busy tending to my new little one and have taken a break form crafting and blogging. now that my wee one is old enough to toddle around and keep herself busy i'm back to it!
and it feels wonderful!