Monday, November 29, 2010


em has been on a kick lately about having drawings made for her...she has always loved naming and calling out animals for me to draw and that has now expanded to include things (boots, clothing, her potty!) and loved ones--so cute! and even her favorite bean! she has also become increasingly interested in letters. she wants me to spell out each thing i draw and is esp. drawn to the letter O and M. MOMMA.
if you know me you know that having my not nearly 2 year old spelling isn't something i strive for ( i want to protect that little mind from the rigors of public kindergarten!) but since she has shown such interest - i have obliged. also of note is that i'm not sure she perceives letters as any different than shapes, as you can see above she will ask for me to draw an "0" and then it must remind her of the bean shape and she will always ask for me to then draw the "bean". and last night she sat at her desk and drew in little compact clusters al while saying: "bunny" kidden" mama" bean" boots"...
i find it all endlessly fascinating, of course!

Friday, November 26, 2010

{this moment}

{sharing a moment form our week via soulemama, 1 picture, no words, lots of love.}

even the littlest gets a place setting.

vintage napkin from nana webber
teensy ribbon and felt leaves from mosey
wooden spoon imported from turkey by orangeironfabrication's momma
wooden bowl a wedding gift handmade from uncle herb.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

letters from e.

little e rec'vd a package all her own last week...from big e. since people don't often post mail anymore i count myself lucky to have a few close friends, a pacific north west aunt and a father who do so regularly. wee e (as big e calls her) got a large teal envelope full of old hello kitty stationary and she couldn't have been more please. she calls them her 'papers' and will ask me to get them down for her by name and draw bunnies and kitties again and again...
today we are thankful for snail mail from friends who know us just right!

when the better half of both sides of your family are about to descend on yr house...

... {you're going to need a little luck and a lot of elbow grease}

Sunday, November 21, 2010

{for a friend} part one: dee

finally i have completed two dear sets of mosey hats, mittens & scarves for two very good friends...neither of whom i have even seen in over 7 or 10 years....(goodness i am getting old) so it was a very special treat to be asked to make them some mosey cozying goodness for their winter wardrobe...hope they like!
pictured above: dee & me circa 1998?
stay tunes for part 2: tom

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 things to love about going back to dear ashwood:

1.seeing my baby in the swings where i became a teacher
2.handmade bread made by the children & donate by a local rockin' bakery
3.handmade light fixtures!
4.a fire pit tended by everyone
5.twinkle lights against midcoast november sky
6.smiling so hard that my face hurt for days
7.nursing my wee one while others nurse their toddlers and the band plays
8.toadstool art!
9.oh my goodness- octopus watercolors!!!
10.gnome making, felt bird making, toki's band playing, hugging miss jean, seeing old friends, being remarked that i was letting the children run wild at my booth..and remarking- i had to- i rubbed there feet and put them to naps when they were smaller and i cannot resist them!!!
{yup, #10 was too much but i had t squish that all in!}

yuletide fair, the booth!

we had an awesome weekend, truley awesome. and were lucky enough to be a part of the ashwood waldorf holiday fair put on by ms. kate of orange iron fabrications!
thanks kate!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

for my bebe.

my girl loves bunnies, i'm not sure you know that yet. she adores them and can pick a bunny/rabbit/hare out of a crowd so fast it would make your head spin. she has always loved this lilttle pink lovey bunny we got from our friend nik and even though i have to admit to trying to loose it in the beginning ( you mean dear you don't want your organic, stuffed wool want your engineered pink one? hmpf!) but as i have seen her love grow for her lovely bunny and bunnies in general and even go through a three week phase where she would NOT put bun down, i mean even at batht ime, the little silky pink thing has grown on me.
the other day when i was cutting out felt shapes for hats em said bunnnnnny (she often asks me to draw or paint a quick bunny,kitten, or mama) i snipped out this rough bunny that happened to be the exact cotton candy color of her own. and she fell in love of course and well so did i!
i even made a few more and they are available in the shop!
short story//long.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


the hedgie.

results- a poll of sorts

a few days ago my friend jill commented that mosey needed to give the boys a lil' more love! it's actually been kinda hard to think of cutie felt appliques that are really boy-ish...i dunno why. even when i didn't have kids my designs were a little more on the girly side. dunno. just how it is.
but i do want to expand, and am really happy with the many suggestions from friends and family...
here's round one of the results!
looking forward to cozy-ing all those little guys out there in mosey woollies!
i have to credit meagan, iris and sweet sweet sylvan for the robot inspiration and stephanie reeve for the foxy incarnation!


she has been playing and whispering to them all afternoon long...
this is what emma says for "acorn picking" as mama calls it. bit isn't apple winking so much more magical!?!

when your mom comes to visit she shares tidbits on how to stock the pantry correctly, the right ways to load the dishwasher, how to make a really good pot of soup...and oh yea, where to find the very best mossy spots in your own yard.
thanks mom, i needed that!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

new batch out in the mail.

from the desk of stephy-anne : news from the longhorn state

as you may have been reading my dear friend steph has joined us here at mosey for the season & beyond! just wanted to give a little report on what's she's been up to! i've been receiving delightful emails all week chock full of photos depicting new projects and piles of felted woolies!!!

and new ant-hill jumper color combos!