Monday, November 29, 2010


em has been on a kick lately about having drawings made for her...she has always loved naming and calling out animals for me to draw and that has now expanded to include things (boots, clothing, her potty!) and loved ones--so cute! and even her favorite bean! she has also become increasingly interested in letters. she wants me to spell out each thing i draw and is esp. drawn to the letter O and M. MOMMA.
if you know me you know that having my not nearly 2 year old spelling isn't something i strive for ( i want to protect that little mind from the rigors of public kindergarten!) but since she has shown such interest - i have obliged. also of note is that i'm not sure she perceives letters as any different than shapes, as you can see above she will ask for me to draw an "0" and then it must remind her of the bean shape and she will always ask for me to then draw the "bean". and last night she sat at her desk and drew in little compact clusters al while saying: "bunny" kidden" mama" bean" boots"...
i find it all endlessly fascinating, of course!

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