Wednesday, November 17, 2010

10 things to love about going back to dear ashwood:

1.seeing my baby in the swings where i became a teacher
2.handmade bread made by the children & donate by a local rockin' bakery
3.handmade light fixtures!
4.a fire pit tended by everyone
5.twinkle lights against midcoast november sky
6.smiling so hard that my face hurt for days
7.nursing my wee one while others nurse their toddlers and the band plays
8.toadstool art!
9.oh my goodness- octopus watercolors!!!
10.gnome making, felt bird making, toki's band playing, hugging miss jean, seeing old friends, being remarked that i was letting the children run wild at my booth..and remarking- i had to- i rubbed there feet and put them to naps when they were smaller and i cannot resist them!!!
{yup, #10 was too much but i had t squish that all in!}

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Anonymous said...

So sweet! Sounds magical! xoxoxo