Wednesday, November 3, 2010

a little more love for mosey in print!

i few days back i had a customer email me about my snowmen... i have been making them for years and years and they were first inspired by my friend jean for our kindergarten kids as gifts...they have taken on a little more every year and these are the latest.
i really woke up and rushed out of the house today to do a little magazine round up! i checked out the issue my customer mentioned:better homes & gardens:christmas ideas 2010
huurah! there we were.
just added more to the shop!
so content and cozy right now.


Sarah at Bella Luna Toys said...

Fantastic, Jes! Congratulations!! You're getting famous!!

Myko said...

I saw your snowmen in the article too in Better Homes and Gardens and I just loved them.:) They look super soft and cute!