Saturday, September 29, 2012


need a halloween costume? a birthday party favor? a cozy hat?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

here and there, from belfast to houston, texas and back again!

quick sketch on it's way to steph for full mock up

what will be...bee and lady bug!



Been making time in the middle of the night to do some more quick sketches for last minute halloween masks, they should up in the shop late next week (fingers crossed) right now they are on their way to houston for steph to start stitching up the real mock ups.
i wonder now if all you dear readers know how our business works?
see steph and i joined forces 2 winters ago, we were dear friends in high school and we decided to work together at a craft fair, and well the rest is mosey history!
but i'll tell you anyway...
the internet and all the modcons make it simple for us to talk all the time and work together on almost all aspects of the business. but we also have our rolls, which have evolved. right now steph is doing ALL the sewing on orders, as i am on mini maternity leave with sweet silas...
i am a lucky girl...a lucky mama. and steph completes mosey, she is so motivated, so organized so getting it all done!
i love it, and i am so thankful.
there is a bit of back and forth over the post, and my mail man knows me so well by now.
overnighting this or that to get an order completed by both of us and out into the mail happens a lot, we are working on streamlining that part of it. but somethings cannot be done over emails or livechats, some things just need both of our hands touching them!
so above are some quick sketches i did for halloween and they are off in the mail overnight to texas where steph will cut them out of the right colors of fancy felt and get them sewn up and photographed and posted to our site.
i wonder:
do any of you readers out there have a partnership? what have been your challenges of triumphs recently?
steph and i hope to someday live in the same county at least and be able to have a whole studio devoted to mosey making!
to dream! to dream!

you can read more about our happy union here:
and also about our process...

Monday, September 24, 2012

getting inspired

just got word from a good friend that she would love for us to make her daughter a costume based on the it's a small world* ride at disney i'm busy gathering some inspiration.
i have always always loved that ride, one of my very favorite as a child. just pure magic--and VINTAGE magic!
rounding up a few images from this art show...
i'm thinking that there are certainly going to be some blushing cheeks involved!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

in the works

we are, at the last minute, busting out some halloween masks!
here are a few of the beginnings...
what do  you think?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

renegade reversal...oh, just this once!

In the Handmade World, the Revolution, the Renegades, those who make everything they can from pickles to party frocks, store bought can be a dirty word.
And it has been in this house for years! Since we have a little store that makes handmade/used to have a brick & mortar handmade shop and generally love things made by Mama's and all, we have been shouting it from the rooftops for years, especially at the Holidays, and I know we will be again...
But This year, THIS year with brand new baby in tow and toddler running wild I made a choice to "go store bought!"
SO many years of making costumes for Halloween and plays and this or that, and even this year mosey will have a line of simple Halloween costumes sewn for other peoples children...But I decided I wanted to buy a costume.
And I felt a wee bit guilty, but was determined.
And then something interesting happened.
I realized as my girl and I perused the isle of a nearby Target, what a TREAT for her to pick out something new and not made by mama.
It may seem silly but I felt a twinge of Little House on the Prairie:
Going to TOWN to pick out some store bought CALICO (read machine made fairy costume)

Little bits raced up and down the isle (well 2 whole isles of costumes) and fawned over glitter and sequins, tulle and fake satin.
It was as if we went to Disney Land, so full of glitz and glimmer, and afterward we were so tired!!!
Papa went too and baby Apple Blue, who got his own little creature onesie for the occasion (also picked out by Little Bits)
I feel like she will remember this one year when she got to go to the store and pick any costume she wanted...and truth be told it is adorable, it was more inexpensive than I could have made it, and I can hardly get it off her.
A little nod to all the Mama's makin' and Sewin' already this year in preparation for a Handmade Halloween-- see you next year my kinswomen!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

painting day

this week at school we are mixing yellow and red to make

i just cannot ever get enough of the beautiful paintings young children make, when they dry tomorrow i'll be sure to post some more photos.

for now, this was the scene...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

first week of school!


our new handmade cutting boards, so sweet and perfectly sized for wee hands...
the children helping to hammer and hang a hook for our new aprons!

my chicken girl, striped-curls & glitter shoes!

Fall is here and school is in full swing! We chopped carrots on our new cutting boards, we fed and watered the chickens (and chased one!), we made soup and rice and had a merry time.
Apple Blue and I were in and out while Miss Toki & Miss Liz led the class. I loved napping with my baby upstairs and hearing the circle of songs happening downstairs below us.
How I do love back to school. Apple Blue and I will be up and at 'em next month, but for now we are still lying low and getting our own rhythm down.
What is your back to school routine?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

berry loverly

as i mentioned before some very sweet sweet people have been bringing us meals from time to time since baby has of my favorite things so far has been this starry blueberry pie!
i have to sy my beloved hates fruit so i ate this pie for a week or more, and man was it delicious!
isn't it just a beaut!
i really love all the sweet thoughtful dinners people have prepared, they all are well balanced, have local greens, handmade crusts and desserts!
i feel completely spoiled!
so big hugs and thank yous to those who came by during our babymoon! (although we have kinda had a busier babymoon than i planned on)
in other news apple blue talked today, he gave the sweetest coo and we all stopped what we were doing to just STARE at him! he has a sweet melodic voice like his beg sister and it was so cool to hear it, finally- on his 4 week old birthday!
school starts next week at MGG, our Waldorf Inspired home program...we had a lovely work day this week with mnay parents and grandparents, children and siblings all armed with paint brushes and oil cloths. I'll be sure to post some photos here of the endeavors of that day. the classroom is all set up and ready for the chidren. hard to believe it is fall almost again. i don't lament the end of summer because i do lpve the autumn so much, but i will be sad to say good bye to some of those carefree days swimming at the lake with little seems like with fall comes a seriousness i usually look forward to, the pull of all those children getting back to elementary school, the fresh backpacks and school shoes, the fully stocked pantries and dream of soon to be crinkled leaves underfoot...but this year i could have taken a few more of the breezy days before fall was in full swing...
well baby is here, mister is back at school already, and school for us starts next week- so for now it's time to break out the lunch bags, pick out the buster browns and get down to it.
wish us luck!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

little feet, little hands, little time

you forget, you really do. that when the baby arrives there is time for little else. the old saying of moms everywhere that if they can take a shower they feel accomplished has been running thru my head all week...and funny for me when i can't seem to fit a shower in the whole world takes on a gloomy-ness, this is one mama who MUST take a shower to wake up and be present! so, we are working on that. little bits loves her baby apple blue so much but it is coming out in other ways that she is still adjusting. 2 am waking and wanting to get in bed with us, check. throwing food all over the ground, check. taking every bit of books, toys, linens and crayons and piling them in the middle of the room when i thought she was napping---oh yeah!
she hasn't said she wants or needs me more, i thought she would if she did...but she is showing me in other ways how giving up her one on one time with me is changing her.
i know moms everywhere raise multiple kids, but there are times these days when i wonder how in the world they do it!
apple blue is a peach, and so so sweet and little bits, as i said loves him so. i've been lucky to have my mom here and now my grandmother to lend a hand, apply a bandaid, cook us some fine meals...but oh, mama, i'm still adjusting!

so if you see me here in this space a little less, know i'm with my girl--trying to get a bit of precious one on one time, or maybe i'm with the baby and my girl reading a book and snuggling, then again maybe bebe is nursing and little bits is stomping her foot, or maybe just maybe i've snuck away and managed a shower---hoooray!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

a crown for opa!

oh yes, we've made crowns for babies, brothers and sisters, twins, triplets and even some moms and dads...but this IS a first!
a crown for grandpa!
can you tell what his best hobby is?
we love thinking of the family who is surprising their dear grandfather with on our our fun and fancy free crowns. we hope he loves it as much as we do!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

some of our mosey birthday cuties in action!!!