Wednesday, September 5, 2012

little feet, little hands, little time

you forget, you really do. that when the baby arrives there is time for little else. the old saying of moms everywhere that if they can take a shower they feel accomplished has been running thru my head all week...and funny for me when i can't seem to fit a shower in the whole world takes on a gloomy-ness, this is one mama who MUST take a shower to wake up and be present! so, we are working on that. little bits loves her baby apple blue so much but it is coming out in other ways that she is still adjusting. 2 am waking and wanting to get in bed with us, check. throwing food all over the ground, check. taking every bit of books, toys, linens and crayons and piling them in the middle of the room when i thought she was napping---oh yeah!
she hasn't said she wants or needs me more, i thought she would if she did...but she is showing me in other ways how giving up her one on one time with me is changing her.
i know moms everywhere raise multiple kids, but there are times these days when i wonder how in the world they do it!
apple blue is a peach, and so so sweet and little bits, as i said loves him so. i've been lucky to have my mom here and now my grandmother to lend a hand, apply a bandaid, cook us some fine meals...but oh, mama, i'm still adjusting!

so if you see me here in this space a little less, know i'm with my girl--trying to get a bit of precious one on one time, or maybe i'm with the baby and my girl reading a book and snuggling, then again maybe bebe is nursing and little bits is stomping her foot, or maybe just maybe i've snuck away and managed a shower---hoooray!

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