Wednesday, September 19, 2012

renegade reversal...oh, just this once!

In the Handmade World, the Revolution, the Renegades, those who make everything they can from pickles to party frocks, store bought can be a dirty word.
And it has been in this house for years! Since we have a little store that makes handmade/used to have a brick & mortar handmade shop and generally love things made by Mama's and all, we have been shouting it from the rooftops for years, especially at the Holidays, and I know we will be again...
But This year, THIS year with brand new baby in tow and toddler running wild I made a choice to "go store bought!"
SO many years of making costumes for Halloween and plays and this or that, and even this year mosey will have a line of simple Halloween costumes sewn for other peoples children...But I decided I wanted to buy a costume.
And I felt a wee bit guilty, but was determined.
And then something interesting happened.
I realized as my girl and I perused the isle of a nearby Target, what a TREAT for her to pick out something new and not made by mama.
It may seem silly but I felt a twinge of Little House on the Prairie:
Going to TOWN to pick out some store bought CALICO (read machine made fairy costume)

Little bits raced up and down the isle (well 2 whole isles of costumes) and fawned over glitter and sequins, tulle and fake satin.
It was as if we went to Disney Land, so full of glitz and glimmer, and afterward we were so tired!!!
Papa went too and baby Apple Blue, who got his own little creature onesie for the occasion (also picked out by Little Bits)
I feel like she will remember this one year when she got to go to the store and pick any costume she wanted...and truth be told it is adorable, it was more inexpensive than I could have made it, and I can hardly get it off her.
A little nod to all the Mama's makin' and Sewin' already this year in preparation for a Handmade Halloween-- see you next year my kinswomen!

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