Thursday, September 27, 2012

here and there, from belfast to houston, texas and back again!

quick sketch on it's way to steph for full mock up

what will be...bee and lady bug!



Been making time in the middle of the night to do some more quick sketches for last minute halloween masks, they should up in the shop late next week (fingers crossed) right now they are on their way to houston for steph to start stitching up the real mock ups.
i wonder now if all you dear readers know how our business works?
see steph and i joined forces 2 winters ago, we were dear friends in high school and we decided to work together at a craft fair, and well the rest is mosey history!
but i'll tell you anyway...
the internet and all the modcons make it simple for us to talk all the time and work together on almost all aspects of the business. but we also have our rolls, which have evolved. right now steph is doing ALL the sewing on orders, as i am on mini maternity leave with sweet silas...
i am a lucky girl...a lucky mama. and steph completes mosey, she is so motivated, so organized so getting it all done!
i love it, and i am so thankful.
there is a bit of back and forth over the post, and my mail man knows me so well by now.
overnighting this or that to get an order completed by both of us and out into the mail happens a lot, we are working on streamlining that part of it. but somethings cannot be done over emails or livechats, some things just need both of our hands touching them!
so above are some quick sketches i did for halloween and they are off in the mail overnight to texas where steph will cut them out of the right colors of fancy felt and get them sewn up and photographed and posted to our site.
i wonder:
do any of you readers out there have a partnership? what have been your challenges of triumphs recently?
steph and i hope to someday live in the same county at least and be able to have a whole studio devoted to mosey making!
to dream! to dream!

you can read more about our happy union here:
and also about our process...

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