Saturday, September 8, 2012

berry loverly

as i mentioned before some very sweet sweet people have been bringing us meals from time to time since baby has of my favorite things so far has been this starry blueberry pie!
i have to sy my beloved hates fruit so i ate this pie for a week or more, and man was it delicious!
isn't it just a beaut!
i really love all the sweet thoughtful dinners people have prepared, they all are well balanced, have local greens, handmade crusts and desserts!
i feel completely spoiled!
so big hugs and thank yous to those who came by during our babymoon! (although we have kinda had a busier babymoon than i planned on)
in other news apple blue talked today, he gave the sweetest coo and we all stopped what we were doing to just STARE at him! he has a sweet melodic voice like his beg sister and it was so cool to hear it, finally- on his 4 week old birthday!
school starts next week at MGG, our Waldorf Inspired home program...we had a lovely work day this week with mnay parents and grandparents, children and siblings all armed with paint brushes and oil cloths. I'll be sure to post some photos here of the endeavors of that day. the classroom is all set up and ready for the chidren. hard to believe it is fall almost again. i don't lament the end of summer because i do lpve the autumn so much, but i will be sad to say good bye to some of those carefree days swimming at the lake with little seems like with fall comes a seriousness i usually look forward to, the pull of all those children getting back to elementary school, the fresh backpacks and school shoes, the fully stocked pantries and dream of soon to be crinkled leaves underfoot...but this year i could have taken a few more of the breezy days before fall was in full swing...
well baby is here, mister is back at school already, and school for us starts next week- so for now it's time to break out the lunch bags, pick out the buster browns and get down to it.
wish us luck!

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