Thursday, August 30, 2012

SEAM meeting at fiddlehead, Spring re-capbeautiful

beautiful wool felt waiting to be turned into flowers!

these flowers are so sweet and can be made into a brooch or a hair bow!

In the Spring I taught this wool felt flower at the SEAM meeting at the lovely Fiddlehead Artisan Supply in Belfast. (Love their shop, it has everything a crafty girl could need!)
The pattern came from Colletterie, also a really lovely site chick full of how-tos and diy projects.

So here is what you need to get started:

Wool Felt
Sewing Needle and thread
Pin Back or Barrette

Cut 2 lengths of felt in 2 different colors, sized about 2 by 5 and 2.5 by 5
Fold them in half and cut snip them all the way across leaving about 1/4 inch at the bottom of each piece- that is where you will be putting your running stitch

Do a running stitch along the bottom of each piece off felt an pull at the end to gather the felt.
Once you begin to gather it you will see the flower shape coming to life.
Once you have your flower use how you would like stitch a few stitches to hold it into place.

You will repeat this with the smaller piece of felt and then lay on on top of the other and sew them together to make the 2 tier flower.

Once your flower is all sewn up you can attach it to a Pin Back or a Barrette.

To see the tutorial in full that we followed and to see more sweet felt flower tutorials click here!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

new to the hoop & the shop!

next week we are going to have  NEW  crown in the shop!  our purple posie crown has been a favorite this year but recently someone ordered a custom crown in pink with posies. we adore the results and have decided to offer it in the shop!
what do you think?!

Friday, August 24, 2012

{this moment}

{a single moment from our week, one i want to remember}

Thursday, August 23, 2012

visiting hours

we have had such love surrounding silas' birth! so many friends have delivered meals, pies, and love.
a good friend set up a calendar on and friends can drop into the site to sign up for a date and time to bring a meal to a family.
it has been a true blessing to receive healthful this week i'll feature a few!
today we had cukes and tomatoes from terri's garden to accompany wonderful sandwiches made by toki. terri also brought along some of her bread and butter pickles! toki made potato salad with beet greens form her garden...
all so good and so nourishing as well as the wonderful company!
little bits loves to help in  the kitchen..

ate these for breakfast too!

my sweet sweet ladies!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

breakfast in bed

with my little guy!
he loves to snuggle up and sleep! my mom is here and taking ever so good care of us all...the photo above is the kind of breakfast she turns out everyday! i told her "mom, it's so california!" fresh eggs, all bright and yellow and fresh fruit...yum.
i feel so loved and taken care of right now...and it is just what i needed.

thank mom!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

birthday bunting!

this week in the shop steph created this beautiful birthday bunting. sewn up in our lovely and sturdy wool felt, of course, and trimmed out with polka dot grosgrain ribbon, i love the festiveness of a polk dot at birthday time, one of my favorite ways to jazz up a party!
these are available in the shop in this theme or any other of the current mosey themes and we are always taking custom orders too! check out our new section of birthday banners here!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

{on the hoop} : this week vintage loves

Elmo & Cookie

Love the way Big Birds feathers came out, kuddos to Steph!

Love this vintage inspired circus themed  custom crown!

Big Sister Bliss

So excited to be a big sister--note hospital bracelet, my moms brilliant idea- so we would ALL have one!
Also note, red nails- another gift from my mom...little bits looooved them!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

storybook days

Little bits is getting the special treatment around here to insure that she doesn't have any little brother resentments, and that she will remember this time as a really wonderful transition from only child to big sister and from family of three to family of four.
We marked the occasion with a *Big Girl Party* in which we celebrated little bits becoming a big sister on the eve of Apple Blue's delivery. We had cake and a few presents, mostly things to keep her busy at the hospital. Craft Kits, stickers, paint by number. Things she wouldn't normally get that were flashy and fun...glitter nail polish oh my!
And then there were these. Based on the Nancy Ann story book dolls from the 1940's ( a love of mine and something I collect) 
These sweet ones I picked up at a tag sale for a few dollars, they are a motley crew and span stories from Red Riding Hood (Little Red, we call her) to Alice in Wonderland.
Little Bits LOVED lining them all up and spent most of the day today playing with them and inventing all sorts of stories, some a mish mash of stories we tell in our house-- Cinderella and Little Red and some all their own..Ballerina and Tin Man.
A delight for small hands with huge imaginations.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Open House, Stick Gnome making

RIGHT before baby was born we fit in a little last Open House for our Waldorf Inspired Pre School.
It was actually a really wonderful morning attended by almost all the children that will be with us in the Fall. It was so nice to catch a glimpse of what our days will be like in September, and to see all those little faces looking about.  We had a wonderful circle lead by Toki, my co-teacher, and we had ants on a log for snack. Toki sawed branches with the children and we made stick gnomes.
Such a fun craft with children, I'll have to work on a tutorial for that one. It is a really sweet and simple Fall craft.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

that boy is mine!

wee silas augustine has arrived!
weighing in at 9lbs 7.5 oz.
little bits has nicknamed him apple blue, and i kinda love that!
he looks so much like his big sister, and we are all in love.
see you back here in a few days, after we get to know our boy a bit more...

Friday, August 10, 2012

{this moment}

{a moment from our week, no words, just a picture} 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

mema is here!

in preparation for baby, my mom has arrived out of the sky. she's cooking up a storm, cleaning and tending  to us all in the way only a mother can. i'm so thankful she is here..and baby- you can come on now!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Off they go to market!

These sweet beeswax crayon pouches are off to Bella Luna Toys for the back to school rush!
We are so thrilled to be working with such an amazing toy shop and all around wonderful Waldorf Business. If you live in the Mid- Coast Maine area, be sure to look out for their new brick and mortar store opening very soon! I saw photos of the lazured walls and they are gorgeous!
In the meantime be sure to check out Bella Luna's website for all kind of back-to-school goodies for you and yours!

Monday, August 6, 2012

birds and the bees

these are our new counting toadstools, and we are making them into party favors too. steph has set about sewing up the cutest drawstring bags in fun flannel prints. we are also going to offer them in some other sweet color choices, like pink and teal, white and red...
i think they will make super cute party favors, and there will be enough room in the lil' flannel bags for mom's to stuff the rest of the take home goodies in there.
reusable birthday party goodie bag? check
cutest ever and perfectly sized for wee hands toadstools? check