Thursday, August 23, 2012

visiting hours

we have had such love surrounding silas' birth! so many friends have delivered meals, pies, and love.
a good friend set up a calendar on and friends can drop into the site to sign up for a date and time to bring a meal to a family.
it has been a true blessing to receive healthful this week i'll feature a few!
today we had cukes and tomatoes from terri's garden to accompany wonderful sandwiches made by toki. terri also brought along some of her bread and butter pickles! toki made potato salad with beet greens form her garden...
all so good and so nourishing as well as the wonderful company!
little bits loves to help in  the kitchen..

ate these for breakfast too!

my sweet sweet ladies!

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Take Them A Meal said...

We're glad you could get connected through the site! Congrats on the birth, and the food looks fantastic.