Wednesday, August 15, 2012

storybook days

Little bits is getting the special treatment around here to insure that she doesn't have any little brother resentments, and that she will remember this time as a really wonderful transition from only child to big sister and from family of three to family of four.
We marked the occasion with a *Big Girl Party* in which we celebrated little bits becoming a big sister on the eve of Apple Blue's delivery. We had cake and a few presents, mostly things to keep her busy at the hospital. Craft Kits, stickers, paint by number. Things she wouldn't normally get that were flashy and fun...glitter nail polish oh my!
And then there were these. Based on the Nancy Ann story book dolls from the 1940's ( a love of mine and something I collect) 
These sweet ones I picked up at a tag sale for a few dollars, they are a motley crew and span stories from Red Riding Hood (Little Red, we call her) to Alice in Wonderland.
Little Bits LOVED lining them all up and spent most of the day today playing with them and inventing all sorts of stories, some a mish mash of stories we tell in our house-- Cinderella and Little Red and some all their own..Ballerina and Tin Man.
A delight for small hands with huge imaginations.

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