Sunday, May 29, 2011

my guy!

does the things he knows i hate to do, drives the longest drives, makes the most thoughtful spur of the moment dinner and tucks me in at night. when we met oh so many years ago in a tiny little music club and i watched him sing and strum i never knew he'd end up so sweet on me and our girl and this life.

today i've got bragging rights on my guy!

a little love from the birds...

the bluebird to be exact!
i just LOVE erin's blog and so glad to be a part of today's post!
go visit her for a chance to win a mosey handmade cape!
we made a *special cape* just for bluebirdbaby fans!

greening your laundry- a repost for a friend

as i mentioned before dear iris has inspired me to change up my laundry routine.
on sunday elizabeth and i mixed up a batch of homemade washing powder using iris recipe.
yesterday we washed and waited...trying to wait out the fair!
so wash wednesday went like this- washed with our new soap ( i used about 2/3 peppermint and 1/3 lavender) smelllllssss so good! but alas, had to put the wash in the dryer! better luck next time...if this rain ever lets up!

the bunnies

spring is here and almost gone to make way for summer already.
i'm ready and the little bits is too.
we put on her pink sandals (the same as her reds from last year) and all she can say is:
"go to the beach, mama!"
sounds like a plan!

Friday, May 20, 2011

{this moment}

snowsuits & watermelon, springtime in new england

Thursday, May 19, 2011

up close and personal with mister sears

out of all the chicks just one has hatched! but he seems to be a hardy little guy and the children are oh so excited for a chance to hold him...he's still drying off and awaiting the hatching of his brothers and sisters...wish us luck with them as they seem too quiet.
my grandfather always had good luck with incubating eggs, so fingers crossed we have some of his majic to hatch the rest of these avian bebes.
marisa says he hasn't a name yet, but since he was born while the sears repair man was at school i'm calling him sears, i'm sure the children will come up with much more warm and fuzzy names so stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a sweet day:recap

a few more images from the may faire to share...
do you spy those cakes...many a contribution from the ladies of the rock coast rollers!
if i could have gauranteed winnings of the bunny cake, i would have been in!
see those parsnips? they inspired dinner and those bonnet girls? well thanks to this wonderful lady and this sweet girl our cuties were ready for the sunny day.

new to the shop, for ms. s.reeve

soy paint, wooden dowel, babushka magic and kindergarten beeswax polish.
packaging is cornstarch & biodegradable!

the pastels

not to be confused with these lovers!
it's gotten very crown-full around here this week, but what can i say, that's what's on the worktable!

//letter ready//

{end result}

things are brewing, again

i've been doing a ton of dying wool with easter egg colors, a tutorial i picked up via ginny at *small things* blog. i found it fairly easy and less messy than other dyes i've been using and due to easter being over and done extremely inexpensive! the colors were much softer and muted than i normally go for, but the effect was actually perfect for spring!

on your marks, get set, mail!

since my little bits has had such a bout with illness this week (and last) i decided to forgo my travels to austin texas for the renegade craft fair. i am one lucky lady tho' as my recent partner (a lonestar resident herself) will be taking up the reigns and running the show over there in texas! the decision was followed by a small streak of panic (by both parties) an exoensive trip to the mail box and a sigh of relief that everything will come together as it should!

special crown for a blooming girl

I have just realllly loved making these specialized crowns, as of late. which started with this dear boy and have been blossoming ever since. i find it a real treat to craft these crowns thinking of the child in my mind and what festivities will ensue for his or her birthday celebration...
this newest incarnation was made with one little *iris* girl in mind, full of lavender and purple hues and ready for a celebration of this dear little life!