Thursday, May 12, 2011

~lemon leg wrapper~ tutorial

1. bring 2 cups of clean water to a boil and let cool to a comfortable heat
2. pour into a shallow bowl and half a lemon while it is partially submersed in water
3. take a cotton cloth (we used old handkerchiefs) and soak in lemon and water mixture
4. wring out handkerchiefs
5. put aside your wool legwarmers (we used some mosey sweater wool, but old wool socks could work too)
6. wrap your little ones legs loosely and cover up quickly with legwarmers (you don't want the water to cool off too fast)
7. let them rest.

and rest and rest!

{you can store the extra lemon & water mix in a jar in the fridge for use often during your little ones fever)

NOTE: this is by no means a CURE for fever, you should always consult your child's doctor in the case of fever in children and infants this remedy is only meant as a SUPPORT for fever to make your little one more comfortable.

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Iris E. said...

Doesn't it sound a bit on the far edges of "out there"? :)

But the results are marked in this house. Our people like to get high fevers with hallucinations... Lemon leg wraps have helped our little-big ones rest easier. We reach for the wraps before we reach for a fever reducer. Sylvan will even ask for them.

Remember to keep lemons on hand through the winter so you'll have them just in case!