Monday, May 2, 2011

take me way up north...

since we were all sick (even the grandparents on BOTH sides!) we did a little bunny celebrating this past weekend along with my beloved playing a show at aarhaus gallery for the rockin' belfast free range festival. a good time was had by all!
little bits helped with sound check and i made sure there were no fine art casualties...think toddler wielding a mic!
i have to say that my beloved sounded amazing in this tiny cozy gallery beside the sea....many many years ago he was asked to describe his perfect venue--if memory serves me right (and i think it does) this was pretty much prefect.
it was so nice catching up with old friends and tooling around the mid coast with our little one in tow.
pictured above is also a new edition to the town roster- baby e who is sportin' some mosey finery by the way!

lots of love belfast!!!

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