Wednesday, January 25, 2012

little bits get to go to nursery school

here at our house we have our own sort of nursery school, we call it playschool...morning glory garden playschool!
it meets three mornings a week and normally little bits and i have mondays and tuesday to ourselves. but as it happens i got a little job offer at the amazing hope arts (where i worked this past summer--and loved) teaching handwork there. so on tuesdays little bits is off to school with papa! it is very exciting for her to be at her "my school" and have teachers that are all her own. the night before she went all around the house packing her "packpack" and wore it even in the car on the way there. last year we were lucky enough to assist at, but there is nothing like venturing out to your own school. this mama shed a few tears but my girl just ran right in, barely a wave good by and soaked it all up!
it is a very good experience being on the other end of letting your little one go into the arms of another care giver that you trust.
lucky we are to have so many magical teachers where we live and such a wonderful waldorf school to nurture us all!

p.s. i got the idea of the sign form my dear friend heather--love that!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

crafting with children//sewing with wool

this week at play school we did some dyeing of wool and sewing as well.
in the past we made crowns for michaelmas, but i really wanted something that the children could do a bit of designing on.
we did some sewing at the holiday but given there are 2 birthdays and 2 half birthdays at school this month they really wanted to make each other "birthday crowns"...
i do a fair bit of hand sewing during school time and they were very interested in getting their paws into my scrap wool bin. they pulled out all kinds of shapes and non shapes and declared them all sorts of things, boats, stars, gnomes, houses, flowers.
but the most surprising thing, i must admit was some of the actual sewing! i was delighted to find that some of the children had really learned from keeping a close eye on what i was sewing and how. you can see her some examples of fine sewing for 3 and 4 year olds! i'm so proud!
and their imagination is not only boundless it is sheer inspiration!
i love my job(s)!

on the hoop this week

lately here at mosey handmade we have been sewing up a heap of wool felt birthday crowns. hot of the hoops this week we give you:
big E
little e
big A
and lest us not forget
little m

also this week stitching up a birthday crown for a very special nearly 3 year old girl!!! :
our very own little bits will be three this week!

can you feel the birthday love?!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

yarn along, finally.

usually as soon as the crisp autumnal air sets in i am off to the knitting store to start a new project. but this year with starting our playschool and moving twice it just hasn't been in the cards. i am going to reveal a very special knitting project in a few weeks but for now i'm sharing my partner in crafts latest!
thanks to ginny over at small things blog for bringing all us reader-kitterly-types together once a week!