Friday, April 29, 2011

...easter re-cap

i think i've said this before, but easter was a big deal in my family growing up! and little bits had quite an easter basket this year. it was filled to the brim with goodies form near and far, handmade by friends and family.
i just felt like i needed to give a few more details to honor everyones wonderful contributions!
the woolie goodies in the basket form bunnies to root baby came from friend from here, and of course i have to give my fave auntboo some yearly love for her wonderful creations!

{this moment}

{a single photo, no words, capturing a lovely moment from our week}

{this moment}

Saturday, April 23, 2011

the easter bunny has arrived

from our fave recycled and felted sweaters, of course...
around here easter feels as much like christmas or even a birthday--since little bits is akin to bunnies and this is the bunny holiday!
oh how we love our bunnies---and there will be more to come by tomorrow!
AND- now available in THE SHOP!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

the days of the week in handwork

a few of my new & dear pals at my lifeways training course decided to do a spring swap!
the idea was that each of us would make 6 of one crafted item in a spring theme and send it along to everyone on our list...kind of like a handwork chain letter- but better.
last week they started arriving day by day.
if you know me at all you must know i LOVE getting snail mail. so it has been a real treat getting these lil' love letters of handmade goodness each day!!!
my craft is to send out 6 snails...and yikes they are just now sewn up and ready to go off into the wide world, hope they will be uncharacteristically fast in getting to where they need to go!

they are all snug up in little bits egg and ready for giving on sunday!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

cuppy party

everyone's invited!

{lemon leg wraps...our way}

bits had a fever this week and we nursed her right on through it. we were lucky it was a mild fever and we tried a remedy we just learned in our lifeways training called a lemon leg wrap. it is traditionally done with wool gauze dipped in warm lemon water but we didn't have that on hand. i improvised with some old dear red kerchiefs and some wool legwarmers-tada! fever reduced in about 20 min!
happy bebe and mama!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

little one goes to farm school

which is code for the lovely morning star farms right up the road! i was looking for a place little bits might spend some part of a day so that more sewing and errands and tea drinking could happen around here.
we were so warmed by the lovely room and all the magical things therein.
when i picked her up and gave her a big hug and brought her home she was so cute about telling me all about the horsies, duck, chicken and "chick-ies who hatch"...and all the new things she had been learning.
what fun,what love!

Monday, April 4, 2011

special project for a special boy!

all that dying for getting golden yellow was especially for a new dear little friend of ours!
i don't usually use names but his is so magical i can hardly help it!
little merlin was just 2 this week and we had the lovely time of attending his dance party birthday!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

trying it out

i've been doing some more dyeing recently--trying to come up with a golden yellow i really like for a special project...
while i was at it i thought i'd take on a few more colors and see what gives.
nights with boiling pots of water while babe and beloved sleep away has me feeling a bit like i'm making a witched brew~!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

a tisket a tasket

lately i've been plagued by thoughts of the future- what to do- where we will be-how will we manage all the changes...
i keep looking at my basket like it is lacking and in need of something new...
so it was good to get away for a day and gather with old friends and new friends and just share.
sharing is such a wonderful gift that i feel is somehow underrated...
it gives pause, it gives inspiration, new ideas, new light to old ideas, meditation on the things we want to go forward in.
i think i don't get enough sharing!
i learned many new songs and crafts and new ways to do things i've been doing for years.
we each had a chance to make felted easter eggs--something i do every year - but it was wonderful hearing every crafter,teacher and mothers ideas of how they do this same task.
so this time i went about it completely different--i used a GIANT plastic egg instead of the comfortable wooden ones i've always loved, i used lovely merino wool mixed with a new wool batting i'd never encountered and was SURE just wouldn't work for me...i also, during the felting process, experienced times where i thought i might just give up and start anew- or abandon the project completely. i remarked that i had made enough eggs in my life to know a "bad egg" when i saw one.
but them something started to change, something started to happen little by little...over quiet conversations here and there and gentle encouraging laughter (and friends adding more hot water) things began to turn a corner.
and lo and behold i had an egg...
and not just any egg- but a prizewinning- most- lovely -warm- fire egg i'd ever managed.
and my basket wasn't just full- but overflowing.