Sunday, April 17, 2011

the days of the week in handwork

a few of my new & dear pals at my lifeways training course decided to do a spring swap!
the idea was that each of us would make 6 of one crafted item in a spring theme and send it along to everyone on our list...kind of like a handwork chain letter- but better.
last week they started arriving day by day.
if you know me at all you must know i LOVE getting snail mail. so it has been a real treat getting these lil' love letters of handmade goodness each day!!!
my craft is to send out 6 snails...and yikes they are just now sewn up and ready to go off into the wide world, hope they will be uncharacteristically fast in getting to where they need to go!

they are all snug up in little bits egg and ready for giving on sunday!

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