Saturday, April 2, 2011

a tisket a tasket

lately i've been plagued by thoughts of the future- what to do- where we will be-how will we manage all the changes...
i keep looking at my basket like it is lacking and in need of something new...
so it was good to get away for a day and gather with old friends and new friends and just share.
sharing is such a wonderful gift that i feel is somehow underrated...
it gives pause, it gives inspiration, new ideas, new light to old ideas, meditation on the things we want to go forward in.
i think i don't get enough sharing!
i learned many new songs and crafts and new ways to do things i've been doing for years.
we each had a chance to make felted easter eggs--something i do every year - but it was wonderful hearing every crafter,teacher and mothers ideas of how they do this same task.
so this time i went about it completely different--i used a GIANT plastic egg instead of the comfortable wooden ones i've always loved, i used lovely merino wool mixed with a new wool batting i'd never encountered and was SURE just wouldn't work for me...i also, during the felting process, experienced times where i thought i might just give up and start anew- or abandon the project completely. i remarked that i had made enough eggs in my life to know a "bad egg" when i saw one.
but them something started to change, something started to happen little by little...over quiet conversations here and there and gentle encouraging laughter (and friends adding more hot water) things began to turn a corner.
and lo and behold i had an egg...
and not just any egg- but a prizewinning- most- lovely -warm- fire egg i'd ever managed.
and my basket wasn't just full- but overflowing.

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