Thursday, January 31, 2013

little bits : a birthday breakfast

hannah, lannah and rosa hippa

ready for the tea party!

I love the idea of the birthday breakfast, we never had that at my house--we did have birthday dinner so how can i complain--but there is just something about coming downstairs to a table all set just for you that i find extra special.  last year little bits had these scrumptious heart shaped lovelies and this year her request was sunny side up eggs and yogurt--together ----in the same bowl. mmmmm?
well that's the magic of the birthday meal- noone can argue, can they?!

little bits has a SCHOOL birthday!

Loving my girls first real school birthday, she was so serious-- something she rarely is. And she just beamed with pride to be the birthday girl!
It was extra special as we celebrated on her very exact birth date.

Love my strong and wild 4 year old!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

these two!

This was taken a year ago today.
You see I have this feature on my photo library, maybe you have it too and it is set to show me the last 12 mo. of photos when I open it.
Some people might find the feature annoying, but I love it. It shows me where I have been and where I am going. And as far as this mama is concerned it's a little sweeter to look at what we are doing last year at this time-- How much we've grown!

Well this is a photo from last year and these two are pretty much the same I must say!
Since the moment they met they were like Ying & Yang..can't you see it?
And I have had the pleasure of getting to spend many an afternoon or morning with this family who I have grown to love so much in so many different ways.
And as these little ones grow, I am reminded that some things never change.
As the saying goes:
The more things change the m'ore they stay the same!

Monday, January 28, 2013

In all her GLORY

We lost a hen this week.  She really held out and kept perking up for over a week, but alas she didn't make it.  Here she is in all her glory, sunning herself on the children's playstructure.
Watermelon as the children named her--was a sweet ole thing and very loved around here.
She arrived last spring from a friend with one to many chickens at the time and quickly became the cute, charming NEW girl in helped that our rooster, Clover, at the time took a liking to her...but truth be told once he was gone she started to make her way down the pecking order endng up last somehow?
The dear friend who gave her to us took her home the other day to her heated coop to see if it would help her, but as the story unfolded this little red hen went to heaven.

Kisses to Watermelon, a true lady and a sweet sweet hen!

Friday, January 18, 2013

boutique or bust

lately we have been slinging our wares a little further than the esty realm by placing them with several sweet children's online boutiques...
it is really neat to be able to open our audience wider as well as be a part of these great collections.  the neat ting about the online boutique is that it is essentially a curated event.  from stripey baby socks to handmade hairbows everything is picked by that sites buyer or stylist. and some have picked us!
go over and take a peek at the latest and be sure to peek at their other splendid offerings!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

a snowy day

Here is wintery Maine the snow has finally fallen! We had over a foot last week and a few inches hear and there all this weekend.
It makes the days cozied up by the woodstove all the more merry.
We have had lots of time to snug up all together and some REALLY cold nights in the negative degrees.
On those cold cold nights when Papa stays downstairs to stoke the fire I get to snuggle with both my little ones in the big bed. One under each arm. And boy do I love that.
I wouldn't want to have them in the bed every night but those times when they are there with me are so precious.  Little bits gets right in her favorite spot since she was born, under my left arm. And lucky enough Apple Blue is a man of the other side, so it works out perfect.

Oh to snuggle in their freshly washed hair and fleecy pjays, the stuff of dreams!
Well, Mama dreams-- at least!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Out on Hurd Pond

Here's to a NEW YEAR!
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