Wednesday, January 9, 2013

a snowy day

Here is wintery Maine the snow has finally fallen! We had over a foot last week and a few inches hear and there all this weekend.
It makes the days cozied up by the woodstove all the more merry.
We have had lots of time to snug up all together and some REALLY cold nights in the negative degrees.
On those cold cold nights when Papa stays downstairs to stoke the fire I get to snuggle with both my little ones in the big bed. One under each arm. And boy do I love that.
I wouldn't want to have them in the bed every night but those times when they are there with me are so precious.  Little bits gets right in her favorite spot since she was born, under my left arm. And lucky enough Apple Blue is a man of the other side, so it works out perfect.

Oh to snuggle in their freshly washed hair and fleecy pjays, the stuff of dreams!
Well, Mama dreams-- at least!

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Cynthia said...

What a sweet wintery post. It's in the 60's here, in central Virginia, for the next few days. Such an odd winter I do hope we see atleast one snow this winter. I love your window star we just made a few too.