Friday, April 2, 2010

old and new...auntboo!

a little love for my favorite waldorf doll maker! barbara of auntboo's babies!
3 septembers ago i started teaching an aftercare class at the cape ann waldorf school. it was the first class i had ever lead and i was very excited to fill the afternoons with wonderful stories, songs and naps. and one of my personal favorite things: some babies!
in my search for well made, beautiful dolls for nap time (that were affordable on a teachers salary) i stumbled upon aunt boo's etsy shop.
i ordered a lovely 'knight doll' who came dressed in grey velour cape and helmet. he was an immediate hit with the children and a favorite of the 6 year old boys who at that point were staring not to want to sleep and cuddle the girl doll-babies as much. that year i also ordered a valentines baby who sat on our nature table and a teensy little lavender pocket baby who made the nap rounds quite a bit.
so of course when i knew emelia was arriving i asked boo to make a special doll for her. in a few weeks boo had sent her along as a gift for em. it was the first thing that i put in her nursery that made me feel like she would really be here soon and be my baby and snuggle and cuddle and coo.
other babies baby and just this week bunny baby with her three little kittens. pictured here is valentines pocket baby and one of three little kittens.
we could not love them any more!
em crawls and creeps and cruises around the house with one of these dear little babes in her hands at all times!
thanks so much barbara!
(stay tuned for bunny baby, who right now is tucked away in em's easter basket)

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