Thursday, April 15, 2010

so much left undone

as the time nears for my mom to head back to her coast i am struck by how many things we still need to accomplish. at least things we WANT to do before the week is up.
one of the most near and dear to both of our hearts is making some pinafores for miss em.
my mom had a great pattern that she made several time for me when i was a wee one. it was one of the only handsewn (and between her and my grandmother there were a lot) things that survived our many moves and changes as children. it had been worn by one of my favorite dolls,, and so it lasted ( a phenomenon i have heard tell by other friends ).
when em was tiny it hung in her nursery.
as soon as she was big enough she wore and wore it!
she even wore it when we picked up my mom at the airport.
point is- we planned on makings lots of new ones.
and here today i sit staring at the pile of fabric my mom brough along. it's begging to be cut up and stitched by our hands!
get moving!

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