Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my fave needle felt-er and all around www pal!

over the years i have been shocked, humbled and amazed at all the love and friendship one can garner from the internet. not to mention support, understanding and true kinship. i'd like to dedicate a little post to my friend becky from singing bird on etsy.
becky and i met thru a thread on etsy of natural kids crafters...the thread has since grown to be the fantastic esty group: natural kids and has it's own website and blog.
becky has really been my cheerleader from day one. she always had wonderfully sweet things to say about my work and when i opened my brick and mortar shop 2 summers ago she was first in line to offer up her teensy birds for resale. i was delighted!
and again when i was getting married she took the time and effort to sift through my handmade etsy registry and send along a most thought gift which to this day graces my kitchen window sill--reminding me daily of the wonderful connections made her on the web and in the world...the wide world.
and even when my daughter was born, she sent along the sweetest gift certificate!
oh birdie- we love you so!

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TheSingingBird said...

I hope I can leave a comment to say a proper thank you this time, the thingamajig wouldn't let me before so I thought I'd try once more...{fingers crossed}!

Your blog is lovely Jes and I really appreciate your sweet words! Thank you♥