Thursday, May 12, 2011

sick day

little bits is on day 2 of a yucky, stay at home in bed, watching charlie chaplin shorts, eating pudding (cos that's all she will), cheeks ruddy red with fever, nose running rash impending sickness.
as 2 little girls from our school have come down with such, i braced myself for this one. but the high fevers in the night, oh oh how they make a mamma sad. i am very fortunate to have a wonderful wonderful pedi doctor who was my own growing up and a wonderful nurse who is sure to keep us in mind and check on us, and for that i am one lucky girl. knowing they are there puts my mind at ease and knowing i can call in the middle of the night if i have to sure makes it easier to sleep here and there when we can.
mostly she has been taking it easy and i have been trying to make sure she drinks enough, which has had great relief on her body temperature. another great thing that i mentioned here is the ~lemon leg wrap~ and yes, it get's fancy punctuation because it is well loved around here right about now!
it has worked so well to support her in her last two fevers that i think a more elaborate tutorial is needed incase you all want to try next time your little one is feeling down and out.
little bits is sporting the lemon leg wrapper look in these sweet photos from her gentle play yesterday afternoon, complete with tucking each baby in "reaaal cosy" and making sure they are "snug and tight, nigh nigh"

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Very sweet. Found you via soulemamma