Tuesday, July 31, 2012

baby's breath

little bits set about making this yesterday morning, when i woke to it on the floor it felt like a gathering...all are waiting for dear baby to arrive!

found this too among the play things, love the little felt fire warming wee bebe in cradle!

in a summer full of swimming at the lake, lessons at the pool, picking strawberries, raspberries and pea beans...in a summer full of camp at our house, teepee making, fairy house making, crown making...
in a summer full of papas days, papa at the farm from dawn to dusk, making and canning everything he brings home...
we are finally finding our rhythm and finding it's time to slow down.
baby is coming soon. the room is ready.
we are ready.
little bits has done a lot of *growing* this summer and is so proud to be a big sister.
the things i stop to notice today:
summer slows, even the chickens walk slower-pecking so gingerly.
the kittens are lazy and sleeping all day.
the breeze is more gentle, carrying the scent of the woods nearby.
little bits sings more and plays for long stretches by herself - making up the most beautiful stories to my ears..
and this mama is prone to napping at any time she can.
all the packages are sent, sweet steph my mosey partner in craft is sewing away, ms. toki my morning glory garden co-teacher is busy making plans for fall...
and me, i need to just breath. to rest up for all that this little baby boy has in store for us.
come fall, peacefully.

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