Sunday, July 29, 2012

{baby nest} : nesting

{little bits gets a new nest too}

{loving this handmade blanket from a dear friend}

{and some favorites from finns & flowers}

{mama's first toys, now in baby's room}

{pinecone gnome teether!}

{little bits graciously gave up some of her first toys for her baby brother}

{to the moon* & back, of course} 

wee baby is fast approaching this earth.  and as of yesterday he is weighing in at 7 lbs. 8 oz. already with weeks and weeks to go before he is born. our big boy will take after his sister, it looks like, who weighed almost 10 lbs at birth! 
this weekend the mister's parents arrived for a visit and to help assemble furniture (oh ikea) and get all the little baby things washed up and put away. my mother in law also dove right into the project (and it really was a project) of sorting thru all little bits clothes, hanging what needed to be hung up and folding what needed folding and putting away.
i said goodbye to some of her things, hoping another little girl would enjoy them and packed away some favorites i just couldn't bring myself to part with...
there is something about *getting* the baby's room ready that just helps it sink in. when we were getting ready for little bits i was like 6 mo along and her nursery was ready to go! 
with second baby i just now had the time and help to get it all ready. it feels so good, dear readers, and i think this very pregnant mama will sleep better tonight knowing if baby comes at any moment from here on out...we are ready! all systems go!

p.s. done with mucho thanks to the in laws and steph who helped pave the way to clean closets around here!

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