Wednesday, July 11, 2012

edible flowers, oh farm

my mister is lucky enough to have worked summers on an amazing farm for the last 5 seasons or so. the chase farm is home to farm, farm stand, bakery and the farm to table delight: chase's daily.
this mama used spend her summers slinging coffee and farm fresh food there before little bits was born, and boy is it some good food!
well yesterday the mister took the little to her first farm visit!
they planned on picking lots of basil for pesto and lettuce and they did, but they also ended up in the flower rows!!!
you might remember we picked our wedding flowers from those rows, and little bits had the best time.
she came home with a bag of odds and end flowers (and veggies) and a whole bunch of edible flowers.
she spent the better part of the evening "pressing flowers" which she thought meant using them to cook!
we had them in a wonderful summer salad-- thanks little bits!


songsofflight said...

oh! we used to put zucchini flowers on top of homemade pizza. they became nice and crispy while in the oven!

Kirby said...

What a great way to make dinner with the kids. I cant wait to try it at home :)

Kia Neill said...

Ooo! Flowers in pasta salad, so pretty!