Tuesday, July 17, 2012

{making a moss garden}

"the woods are lovely dark and deep" wrote robert frost, and we feel that more than ever in the new england summer. when you step from the fine manicured grass on your lawn to the dappled forest right behind that row of birch trees. all is quiet in the wood. the soft floor a mix of old pine needles, dirt and lichen, moss. downed tree limbs rot quietly in the shade making an earthy wonderful smell, witches butter and toadstools pop up here and there. the forest really is a magical place...and so for children to.
we venture into the wood and find moss growing thick on rocks, with our baskets and small hands we collect all that we will need for the making of our moss garden. we find dry birch bark, smooth rocks and reindeer lichen, and all are treasures.

the easiest way to make a moss garden is to collect what you will need from the forest floor, and taking a shallow dish (we love an old thrift store find or a terra cotta houseplant dish) and add a thin layer of potting soil then your moss and forest fauna.
then we find another earthly treasure such as a neat stone or crystal and place it in the garden.
you must water it frequently to keep the earth moist, but it will last a very long time!

happy hunting my dears!

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Anonymous said...

Oh this is so lovely! Any ideas for nature tables for someone who doesn't live near the woods?