Tuesday, June 12, 2012

pretty as a picture

things to love about parties are the dainty details, i always think. and my baby shower was no different. the amazing women in my life pooled their resources and talents together and threw me such a wonderful day. i mentioned it earlier, but am finally getting to posting some pictures of the divine food! stephy made the sweetest all lady tea sandwiches a nd let me tell you there is nothing like a cucumber tea sandwich to make you feel dainty...even when you're not really! sarah made the lovely punch which i snapped a zillion photos of! no matter how many times in my life i've seen fresh edible flowers in a punch bowl- the magic and beauty of it never gets old to me. i just love the teesny petals! it was a perfect wake up to summer and welcome to little baby! looking forward to sharing his name with you later this week!

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Kia Neill said...

Flowers in a punch bowl, no that is pretty!