Friday, May 28, 2010

a perfect summer day with a pinch of nostalgia.

there is something about living by the sea, you see. something that cannot really be expressed in words, although many people have tried. it is more something in the air, the smell on the wind, the salt in your hair at the end of the day.
see i am trying here to express it and failing.
we got a chance to visit some wonderful friends this week. it was a bit of an impromptu trip back to belfast. we had some errands to run the first day and some catching up with family (more on that later) but we got a great chance to just BE with some old friends and do all the things we would normally do on a thursday in near july...if we still lived there...which was wonderfully grounding in a way. like somewhere in the world we still live in our little white house with our apple and pear and cherry tree (the one that only bears fruit every 3-7 years....remember?) somewhere in the universe we are still nesting by the sea, our hound dog is still basking in the sun of our garden, my heavenly blues still creep up the lattice (actually they do- i drove by our old house and they are on their way)...
don't get me wrong -- i like our new place...but this heart has a memory, a long one- esp. for places and houses and previous nesting grounds!
well yesterday we had the perfect summer day with friends, and it is oh so good to be with them and feel like hardly anytime has past...
picking up right where we left off!

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TheSingingBird said...

you did manage to find the words jes, they are tugging on my heart and i've never even been there, but i do long to live by the sea