Saturday, May 8, 2010

unexpected nesting.

okay, so when our cold got the best of us around here and we ended not being able to make our craft fair (sigh, frown) i planned on taking it easy around here.
at best i planned on maybe getting all the laundry folded and put away, answering emails and maybe if there was extra time and i had the energy... cleaning up the studio a bit after the last few weeks of crafting.
i was not, however, prepared to be a snake charmer. catcher. roper?
my cat, ever on the hunt for a tasty morsel around her was eyeing the kick heater grate all morning. it wasn't until she JUMPED back that i got a little curious about what it was she was oogeling over.
yup again.
a snake.
tightly coiled and loving her new found spot.
husband is in boston and so i called my dad and put him on speaker...
5 min later i had the grate pulled off- but that girl wasn't budging.
put the grate back on finally and she slithered over and stuck her tongue out to give me a good smell and in the process revealed her most sacred prize:
a nest.

p.s. my sister said she read (she is sure it was a *snapple fact*) that there are no poisonous snakes in maine...
i'm off to check that fact!

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GloamingDesigns said...

Yikes! What a surpirse. Hope it turned out ok? !