Monday, May 10, 2010

a thrift forage.

this morning it was still cloudy and we were still a bit stuffy but we really needed to get out of the house a bit! we decided to start out early since that is when we are feeling our best, all well rested and fed you see.
em and i made our way to our new favorite thrift store and really scored some books. when i brought them home to add to the growing collection, i realized i have a whole shelf of entirely thrifted books. in fact make that a shelf and a half!
which made me sit back and think a on an idea i'm thinking of taking up:
dottie angel's amazing and inspiring: challenge of the utmost kind, in which everything you buy over the next 365 days is either handmade or second hand.
i'm starting to think it *is* doable. and might be just the thing i need around here!
also of note:
we found another book in one of em's favorite series about the pig olivia. hooray! and only 99 cents AND those lovely glasses pictured above. nothing, i say nothing has the feel of vintage glasses! so sturdy and smooth! and what a treat after loosing 2 of my fave vintage glasses over the last year...

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