Tuesday, May 25, 2010

feeling klee

{gee's bend quilt selection pictured above}
{klee painting above, hand numbered by stephanie in preparation for our work.love the look it}

about to take up a great collaboration with a dear old friend...and really looking forward to it!
the idea is to make this klee painting into a quilt. it's a bit of an undertaking actually what with all those irregular sized squares and uneven bits. we are really inspired by the quilts of gee's bend...
we plan on using only thrifted cotton, which i admit makes finding the right pallet a challenge...but who, my loves, does not enjoy a thrifting challenge from time to time!
steph is a wonderful artist and professor and all around amazing light and i am so lucky to be reconnecting with her on this project
more to follow!
wish us luck!

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