Saturday, May 8, 2010

a hand in time...

this little project (for my mother-in-law..shhhh. don't tell!) is inspired by one of my favorite stitchers in all the land: kimberly over at chez~sucre~chez!
she has a wonderful shop full of goodies over at etsy and makes the sweetest and tidiest cross stitches i've ever seen.
i loved kimberly's *hand towel* with hand embroidered on it in red.
i did a simple version by tracing em's hand onto wool felt and then following that outline...all sewn up in light pink.
it was much easier to get a better trace by first using the felt. that way the dear linen didn't get all mussed up!
now go check out this girls shop!


TheSingingBird said...

such sweetness!!

i'm so glad the comments tool is finally working for your blog, it wouldn't let me type anything in the past.

best wishes with moving all snakes safely outdoors!!!

mosey handmade said...

b- i know it was broken or some such...(actually i thought i reset it but never did)
your blog is over :(
where can i catch up with you deary?

chezkimberly said...

awww, so sweet! i am just now seeing this. hooray; i love it!
(and i love that em loves olivia, too! that little pig has the best wardrobe!) xxoo!