Tuesday, June 1, 2010

double i.

hanging the wash felt like making prayer flags of my own.
i have not hung anything on the line since i was a child...i now see the efforts are so well worth it.
when gathering these things up, our fabrics, our things, folding them (and hey no wrinkles!) i had a deep sense of peace.
hooray for fresh laundry.
off to make some soap....

double i...
that's code for *iris inspired*
thanks lady!!!
more laundry efforts to folllow.


Gina said...

I love the curly hair! How sweet! And the striped socks are cute too.

Iris E. said...

How did I miss this in my G-Reader? These sweet references! Glad, so glad to be an inspiration to you! Will be giving a demo on DIY laundry soap in Camden, date/time TBA! A laundry (r)evolution!

Eric and Jenny said...

i'll be using that one.

Eric and Jenny said...

double i – told you I'd use it...
please see our recent post for the latest iris news...

mosey handmade said...

just saw it!!!!