Thursday, June 3, 2010

buy nothing new year

a few posts back i was telling you dearies about the possibility that our family would be undertaking dottie angels *challenge of the utmost kind* and as of july 1st we are!
summer shoes are ordered, as are bike parts, a train set and beeswax crayons for emma, new towels, a few extra sheepskins for winter coziness (you really have to think ahead...365 days of no new things!), and some books and cds i've been meaning to order.
and although it felt funny to place such a large's really not much if those are the ONLY new things we buy for a year!
and so it begins...
...wish us luck!


GloamingDesigns said...

good for you guys! best of luck!!

Artistmama said...

Wow! Awesome. I love this idea. Oh, then you need a giveaway.

I'm giving a way a felt gnome to celebrate my new etsy store.


Artistmama said...

Oh, my! Just looked at your Forest Creature hat on your etsy store. So cute! it's very similar to my little plum folk hats.


mosey handmade said...

when i checked out your store i noticed that! they are so cute on the teensy plum folk!

TheSingingBird said...

Best wishes! :)