Monday, June 28, 2010

the view from where we sit

this is a very special post, about a very special lady!

since becoming a mama i have been both surprised and amazed at all the love and guidance i have been privy to via *the greatest moms on earth* or more to the point the wonderful friends and family i have that are now amazing moms!
one of the most dear to my heart is this lady, cute red polished toes pictured above.
this is a tee.
here she is "camping" with the kids, and look at those pretty toes.
(see below my pale sandy feet)
those highly polished digits belong to a very old and dear friend. one i have not "seen" in years but who's friendship has been a quiet voice in my head most of my life. she and i were the best of friends in our youth, from trading lip gloss secrets to planning middle school proms (she's one of the reasons i'm so crafty!) when i moved away in high school (try about 3,000 miles away) she always wrote. addressing letters and cards in bubbly script, neat and inviting. but as the years passed we lost touch a bit. now as mama's we are reunited!!!

you see this is the girl who makes you want to be the best mother and wife and woman in the world that you can be. she is one of those amazing mothers that makes packing up two kids, a husband, camping and fishing gear and a canoe look effortless. (and you better believe she didn't forget the s'mores fixin's)
she makes kindness and goodness and beauty look easy. and we all know it's not always.
so~ to kick off a little summer love i have invited her to do some guest blogging about her crafts and travels.
she's feeling a bit shy and i am sure she is up for the task!

mama h~ i missed you. and am so glad to have you back in my life!

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