Sunday, October 10, 2010

papa bear to the rescue

as craft season gets underway in a little yellow house in the woods of maine i am lucky to say that my dear has risen to the occasion! that being : looking after our little one and the house and all the things that need doing around here. he has is own style, that is for sure but at the end of the day our girl is happy, tuckered out, fed well and all giggles.
i snapped this scene the other day after a long afternoon of gathering and running errands...i felt a little like goldie locks thinking to myself this bed/napping spot is too messy--too papa bear. and then i laughed out loud and felt so glad to have such a good, kind and gentle guy by my side. long live the papa bear!

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Anonymous said...

This certainly looks like my sofa when our "papa bear" is in charge and I agree, long live the papa bear!!! xoxoxo