Thursday, October 28, 2010

all i needed was a mama, some stripes and some vintage buttons.

so as you may have seen i have been working on my little bits halloween costume...the purple, the tulle, the sequins...the knitted bunny hat. aha, when you put it all together you get a *bunny~fairy* anyone should know that! but all the kids in her music class has no idea what she was and i kept having to explain it...and it didn't really make much sense. i don't usually give into peer pressure but something wasn't right. it was ill fitting and too poofey! i called my mom right away in near bunny was all flopsy and mopsy, but not in a good way. my mom reminded me that some costumes that are handmade come out great and others just don't. that's the way. she said that not every costume she made us growing up was a success....and just hearing that was a relief. she mad an amazing *tin-man* for my little sister, complete with silvered funnel hat! and my brother and i had a few good rounds with raggedy ann and andy.
i woke up this morning with stripes and calico and ruffle on the brain and went right to work.
emma kept busy in the sewing box full of thread and by the time the morning was done we had it!
some of my fave details included:
old buttons from my dad's coat collection
reaaaaaly old red ric-rac of my grandmothers i have been saving for years for something VERY special
vintage polly flinders dress circa 1980 sized just right for em!

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