Saturday, October 23, 2010

before & after

i saw this lovely vintage handknit sweater (with grosgrain ribbon at the buttons) at the thrift store and couldn't resist. it is the perfect dark forest-y green and has a great sturdy cable to it. another mama who was also scouting about for cool vintage finds commented that she almost picked the sweater up for her 4 year old, but that is was a bit too big. i had to chuckle a bit under my breath knowing i had nabbed it for my not yet 2 year old....and remind myself not every body knows that magic of felting (lucky for me and my girl, in this case)! so for 4 dollars we brought home this lovely sweater and felted it in the wash...
this mama couldn't resist adding a few hobbiton features!!!


Kelly said...

It's so lovely, what a great bargin!

giozi said...

I love this, she looks so adorable,
Wow botton is really pretty.