Friday, October 29, 2010


we have been awaiting the arrival of some wool!
our dear steph has been sweater hunting in texas since THERE IS NO MORE WOOL in NEW least i am not paying 9.99 for a sweater at the goodwill just to felt and cut up! crazy! i used to find the good wool sweaters everywhere, but no longer. they are practically extinct and as so are rationed and overpriced.
good thing i am able to outsource to the longhorn state where chilly days are few and far between.
which brings me to another point...
steph is joining me at mosey!!!! under the name *songs of flight* she will be producing her own line of woolies and wearables!
i am so excited for this!!!
go here to read steph's bio and see some her things that have been added to the shop- more to come, folks!

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