Wednesday, September 1, 2010

new for school

as little bits and i will be attending our local waldorf school one day a week (and hoping to fill our own home class!) i have undertaken the simple task of making her her "school clothes". in my day school clothes were defined as the things your mama made you in late august for your birthday and a mix of things from 2 grandma's. and actually that was quite an eclectic mix.
think calico sewn up with tiny hand stitched peter pan collars meets sears' and penny's denim and jackets with a pinch of nordstom's or filene's thrown in for good measure. patten leather shoes, buster browns, smocked dresses with my brothers hand me down corduroy pants.
it explains a fair amount about my current style!
well here i am constructing my little one's clothes mostly from thrifted felted sweaters (the mosey way!) and also setting about sewing up a few simple dresses and maybe 1 cozy jacket if i get to it...
here's the new dress to add to the pants from last week...
little fabric cut out's inspired by my new friend simone!

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Kelly said...

Love that dress, its so beautiful and colourful.