Friday, September 24, 2010

momma's lil' helper

sewing with a baby is one thing. yes, it takes time to get used to...but sewing with toddler in tow is a MUCH different thing! and we have had some bit of trouble adjusting over here!
now that little bits is able and willing she wants to see and get into everything! no stone goes unturned in our house and if it's a project you are in the midst of she is sure to be all over it!
i have to laugh to myself and count myself lucky as she sorts through the piles of laundry or starts 'washing' the floor.
but some nights when she has rifled through all the quilt squares i so thoughtfully placed i have to remind myself she is just imitation--and i should be so proud!

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Anonymous said...

I agree, sometimes I have to sit back and remind myself that my sweet little Delilah is only "helping" with the laundry, not purposely throwing my folded piles all over haha