Monday, June 24, 2013

Fist full of Flutterbys

This Summer we were so excited to be asked to be *Pen Pals*.  Little bits has been working in ernest on her package, we mostly craft in the mornings when she can be at the kitchen table while I also work.
She has a theme going, can you guess what it may be?
She is JUST at that age where the transformation of cocoon to butterfly is carrying some weight around here along with some heavy questions. 
If you have older children this may be pretty far back in your rear view, and if your children are still babies or young toddlers you might not be there yet, well I'm here to tell you this phase can be a doozey!
In part, I think for me at least, because I want so dearly for her to hold onto the innocence of childhood.  But then again the asking and answering sometimes sparks even more magical thinking!
I wonder how you all answer your little ones questions of the universe?


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