Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Loving the Light of Fall

In our days, now, the light has a certain look. And I love it.
It's just the warmth that we need as the days grow shorter.
And just like preparing for our Lantern Festival next week we are also preparing our selves....our little souls. Wrapping them in the warmth of the light of Autumn, getting cozy and ready for the long cold winter. The storm prepared us a bit early around here...and all our love goes out to those families who were hit hard. Here in Mid Coast Maine we kinda didn't do so bad. But it is a reminder of the changes fast ahead.
And so it goes, how we stock our pantry- get extra matches and candles, lanterns and lamplights, so we should too stock up our souls. Fill them with all the things we need to prepare for the wintery days.
On my list are a few good books, new slippers, knitting plans or a good pattern for the littles, & a start to Alex's socks, some new wool felt for a more artsy-rather-than-crafty project in the works...and....
what's on your list?


Rochelle said...

Nice to look over your blog! It looks like you are doing a new storefront? Your banner images are in fresh colors and not a traditional kid look which is nice!
You posed the question- what's on the winter list, my pre-teen is super into sewing; so I hope that some simple patterns will keep her going! As a fellow BYWer, I see that your wheels are turning for your business and your blog... best of luck! Rochelle

Anonymous said...

I love the yellow on your walls! Do you mind sharing the brand and name you chose?