Wednesday, June 29, 2011

starting to feel like home!

we have a secret to share!
we are opening up a waldorf & lifeways inspired playschool in belfast! and we could hardly be more excited! we have been busy busy, be sure to check out the school blog here for all the updates!
we still have room for fall 2011 so spread the word!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

little bits room//a start

is getting a makeover...some paint new curtains, all the bells and whistles of a toddler room...think squishy chair to read in, books organized by most read instead of category, maybe some nice sweet birds painted on the corner...
we went through many different hues of blue and purple and finally settled on *windmill wings*.
i ask "is it wrong to choose a color of paint based in part on it's name?"
i think not!
windmill wings was the perfect periwinkle color i had in my mind and matches the fabric we chose for curtains oh so nice i think!

over here...

things are brewing! renovations are underway, a flock of healthy chicks have landed (more on that later), beach combing has begun, a few goodbyes have been said and many many hellos!
we are moved but still working, content but with a whammy of a to-do list, relaxed but full of energy to complete the tasks at hand. wish us luck, we might need it!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

{this moment}

gypsy queen for a day!

little bits had the pleasure of attending my first day on the job! i am very excited to be a part of the 4th year of HopeArts summer camp! Amazing Sandee has put together a wonderful summer program full of whimsy and creative wiggle room. If you are in the area be sure to check out our first preformance at the open house tomorrow night at Lincoln Center for the Arts & Education!

Friday, June 17, 2011

guest bloggin'

this post appears over at natural kids blog, a team i have the honor of being a part of and which has grown from a lil' mama's message message board into a whole beautiful thing all it's own! big hug to my natty kids thread sisters (and brothers!)

gardening with a baby on your back...or not

{pictured above is our friend marisa's lovely bountiful garden}

it can be done. they can be rocked and lulled to sleep in the warm sun. i've seen it done a million times..well at least a dozen. i even knew a mama who had a farm, and yup- her baby would sleep and coo in the sling all afternoon long. before i had children i remember talking with a dear friend and we both said -- you know we just want babies on our back in the garden.
but not my babe.
she fussed and wriggled. she cried and hollered to be free. and it was funny, she loved the ergo walks daily and the backpack with papa. but the garden was a no. maybe it was her age, maybe it was just her spirit that summer. but i am here to say that this year we are out in the garden. hands in the soil, makeshift watering cans, eating sour rhubarb,finding worms.
and it is delightful.
the thing about parenting that i have learned is that your children choose you and they are not always the wee person you thought they would be. they are better, their very own magical spirit and they are here to delight us in way we never imagined.

{this moment}

Friday, June 10, 2011

we are moving soon...back to our beloved belfast. as it turns out (and things often do) it i going to be a wonderful wonderful move. over the past few months all our family and friends have been encouraging us that everything will work out and "fall into place"...well i am here to thank them and but really it feels more like "form" than fall. things seemed to have formed around this one idea of wanting to raise our little one in a small town by the sea...with garden and chicken and likeminded parents and artists and farms that feed towns.
the more we thought and wished the more came our way, good luck some might say. i want to say it's more like ... magic.
we will be leaving behind good friends and be moving a bit further from our friends and family in boston, but oh how fun it will be to plan big trips to the city from our wee nook on the ocean.
as many of you know we have moved away from belfast a few times, thinking and searching in our wanderlust for *something more*only to find out that all we needed was right there all along.
"only the heart can see rightly, what is true is invisible to the eye"
-the little prince

so we are packing up, organizing playthings, workthings, fabric stashes, a slew of guitars and ukes and trumpets...and we are ready-oh so ready. to hit the road and start our new adventure.
stay tuned for some more exciting updates!
lots of love,

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

farm to table--ice cream!

this sweet brown calf will be growing up soon and making our ice cream! and ice cream for all the people in north yarmouth and beyond.
toots ice cream is such a cool family owned business with a variety of small farm animals and even some steers and a workhorse!
they make the ice cream using their own milking cows! so so so yummy and neat too!

for eve!

cos when you are 3-pink and hearts is super fancy!

Friday, June 3, 2011

{this moment}

{a few moments from our week i want to remember and revisit, a telling of seasons and time via soulemama}